Tax Relief Success Stories

A sample of Attorney Hubert Johnson’s Professional Success Stories.

The Hot Dog Stand

Mr. Johnson had a client who owned a hot dog stand in Los Angeles. The IRS refused to accept the client’s profit and loss statement claiming the client was probably making more money than reported through cash only transactions. Mr. Johnson presented the profit and loss statement with bank statements and insisted the IRS follow their own protocol and accept the documentation presented. Even though the IRS agent may have been correct, Mr. Johnson insisted it was outside IRS protocol and after appealing the case to the agent’s supervisor, the client was placed in a non-collectible status where the client did not need to make any payments to the IRS on past tax debt for at least two years.

Call You in Two Weeks

Mr. Johnson had one client who was going to set up an installment agreement that would pay in full his IRS back tax liabilities. When Mr. Johnson reviewed the client’s tax account with the IRS he discovered that approximately fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000) was due to expire in about six days. Mr. Johnson requested to set up an installment agreement not including the fifteen thousand ($15,000) that was about to expire, but the IRS agent insisted on the fifteen thousand ($15,000) be paid in full in six days. Mr. Johnson informed the IRS agent he would call back in two weeks to continue negotiations. After two weeks, Mr. Johnson negotiated an installment agreement and saved his client fifteen thousand ($15,000).

Saving a Business

Mr. Johnson was contacted by an individual from church. This individual’ s business was about to be shut down by the IRS after forty years of business. Mr. Johnson jumped into the middle of the mess, fighting to release over one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) in bank levies and to release garnishments on the businesses clients and business partners that prevented the business from meeting payroll that was already overdue. Mr. Johnson wrestled not only with the assigned revenue officer from the IRS, but appealed to the officer’s manager and regional supervisor. After six months of fighting for his client, Mr. Johnson obtained an installment agreement for the business that allowed the business to continue We offer the most advantageous Panmycin prices on the market, and you may buy your Panmycin for only 0.92 instantly! operating.

A sample of Attorney C. Julia Dunbar’s Professional Success Stories.

  • Mr. and Mrs. H. owed to the IRS more than $400,000 when they cam to me. Due to my hard work, I was able to eliminate their liability and at the end they got a credit back for about $6,000 from the IRS.
  • Mr. D. B. came to me when he had five levies and he owed to the IRS in California for both business and personal tax (including civil liability). At the end, I released all levies, negotiated with the State of California installment agreements and filed an offer in compromise for personal tax liability with the IRS. He is now current in paying his tax liabilities and settled all his tax accounts.
  • Mr. R. owed to the IRS about $519,000. Due to the hard work of my team, we were able to settle with the IRS for about $19,000. What made me happy was that I was able to assist a hard working family with their tax liability nightmare.

A sample of Attorney Ben Hymas’ Professional Success Stories.

Once I had a client who was working as an independent contractor for a large financial consultation firm. He owed more than $100,000 to the IRS. The IRS was taking virtually all of his income leaving him with only a few hundred dollars a month to live on. He was in danger of losing his clients because of the IRS’s actions. I was able to negotiate an affordable payment plan with the IRS that allowed my client to continue working as well as meet his monthly living expenses.

My former client had lost his job and had a family to support. He also owed several thousand dollars to the IRS. The IRS was threatening to levy his bank account to leave him with even less in his time of need. I was able to negotiate a resolution called “currently non-collectible” for my client which gave him a “break” tadalafil rezeptfrei from IRS collection activity (i.e., bank levies) until he could find a new source of income.

A sample of Attorney Kerriann Shepard’s Professional Success Stories.

In 2011, I had a client who had filed an Offer in Compromise with

the IRS twice in the past and was rejected twice in the past. So he hired our firm to assist him in resolving his tax debt. I determined that he could file and Offer in the amount of $1200 to resolve his $19,000 tax debt. Initially, the IRS determined that he could full pay the liability. I knew that this was an erroneous decision. Our firm’s policy was not to appeal Offer in Compromises. However, I asked my manager if I may appeal this one because I know how badly my client wanted this matter to be over and I knew that I could obtain a reversal. So I was granted permission to appeal the initial determination. On appeal, I had the client join me in my office as I negotiated with the IRS Representative. He was very impressed by my performance, and we won on appeal. The IRS then agreed to accept his Offer in Compromise. He was so happy that he cried tears of joy in my office, and I tried not to cry, but I was very happy for him, so we cried together. But he is now debt free, and I am glad that I was able to assist him in resolving his tax problem.

I represented a client who was on Social Security Income only, and was being garnished by the IRS. Being on limited income and having your income garnished is not a pleasant experience. On the same day the client retained our firm, I contacted the IRS and negotiated that the client be placed in a Currently Non Collectible (“CNC”) status. The IRS agreed that my client did not have the ability to make payments at this time, and agreed to immediately release the levy on his Social Security Income. My client was so happy to have such a rapid resolution on his case that he said thank you about five times before saying good bye. However, I did not stop there, I went on to successfully negotiate an Offer in Compromise with the IRS, and my client was able to pay a fraction of what he owed to resolve his IRS tax liability. That client was very happy with my performance, and I enjoyed the laughter and sigh of relief that he expressed when he heard the good news.

A sample of Attorney Heather Philpot’s Professional Success Stories.

I recently settled a $30,000 debt for about $1500. This particular client was only 26 years old and owed money from working as a swim coach when she was 18 and didn’t realize the need to make estimated tax payments. At the time of her OIC acceptance she was in school working towards a nursing degree. I was able to get her a fresh start to pursue this.

I settled a $70,000 debt for $5,000 for a truck driver client that didn’t make any estimated tax payments for about 8 years. I got him on a schedule of making monthly estimated payments and got his OIC accepted so he could start over and not owe in the future.

I settled a $20,000 dollar liability for $800 dollars for a client that had a large amount of debt forgiveness income for one year that caused her to owe the IRS money. This one got accepted on appeal.

For another client I got a $10,000 liability settled for $100.

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