I received a Notice of Intent to Levy from the IRS. Can I avoid having my property seized by transferring title to someone else?

Answer: No. The IRS will trace any transfers of property made after you incurred the tax debt. If the transfer was made solely to avoid paying your IRS tax debt or to avoid seizure by the IRS, the IRS may take action to nullify the transfer, and you may be fined for fraud or tax evasion.

If the individual whom you made the transfer to was aware of your intent to make the transfer in order to avoid seizure by the IRS, they may also be held liable as an accomplice.

It is better to follow the instruction in the letter. Contact the IRS or hire a Tax Attorney to assist you in resolving your IRS tax matter within the time allotted by the notice.

I just received a levy on my bank account. How long does a bank levy last, and will the IRS also receive the money I deposit in the future while the levy is in place?

Answer: A bank levy lasts for 21 days from the date it was received by your bank. You may be able to obtain a release on the levy from the IRS if you contact them before the expiration of the 21 days, and upon a showing of hardship.

Once the bank receives the levy, it is only permitted to seize funds that are in the account on that day. Any funds deposited afterwards should not be held by your bank. At the end of the 21 Don’t you want to save on your purchase instead of spending a premium? You can do it with us, buying for 43.64 USD! days, the bank will then transmit the funds that were seized only on the first day to the IRS. No future deposits should be best uk online pharmacy seized by your bank or transmitted to the IRS unless another levy is filed by the IRS.

My employer did not take out taxes from my income. Now I owe the IRS. Is there a way to sue my employer or have the IRS go after my employer instead of me?

Answer: You would first need to verify whether you are classified as a wage earner or a 1099 employee. If you are a wage earner, then by law your employer is required to deduct the appropriate taxes from your wages. However, an employer determines the amount of taxes to deduct based on the exemptions you claimed on your form W-9. So you would need to ensure that you did not claim more exemptions than what you are entitled before deciding to take action against your employer.

You should never claim more exemptions on your W-9 than you claim when filing your IRS income tax return. If you have correctly completed your form W-9, then your employer may be held liable.

However, if you are a classified as a 1099 employee, the employer has no obligation to withhold tax from your income. As a 1099 employee, you are considered self-employed and are required to make estimated tax payments quarterly to the IRS. As a result, you will be held liable for the taxes due unless you are able to show that your employer misclassified you as a 1099 employee when you are really a wage earner or W-2 employee.

The IRS gave me a tax refund and then sent me a bill for taxes due on the same year after I have spent the money. Am I required to pay them back?

Answer: Yes. There are certain situations in which the IRS may issue a refund to a taxpayer, but later determines that the refund was given in error.

The IRS initially relies upon the information you provide on your income tax return when processing your refund because it does not receive all employer or tax documents filed by your employer or other institutions until May. Once that information is received, if there are discrepancies found on your return, the IRS will audit the return, and you will receive a Notice of Deficiency or Examination Notice

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for that year requesting that you pay the balance due, or respond to the audit with requested information.

If the IRS does not hear from you within the time allotted or if it has determined that its examination was accurate, you will then receive notification that you now owe the IRS and are required to pay the amount within a certain time. A Tax Attorney will be able to assist you in resolving your IRS tax matter.

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